Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Will's Feedings

Sorry about the late update on Will's g-tube feedings.  Will has a mic key button right above his belly button on the left side of his stomach.  He has tolerated his feedings pretty well.  He is almost up to his goal of 1100 calories a day.  His energy level has even increased a bit!  We have a backpack for 'feedings on the go' but we haven't used it yet.  About 4 days post surgery we had a trip to the ER.. As I was putting Will down for his nap the tubing got caught on the IV pole and sure enough the entire mic key button and balloon came out.  I was terrified!  The surgery team in the ER put it back in.  After a quick X-ray we were sent on our way.  Will is sensitive around the opening of the button.  I hope that heals quickly.  Thank you all for keeping Will in your prayers.  We really appreciate all the support we have received in the past couple of months.  May God bless you all.

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